Pinewood Fire District Receives 2015 Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Grant

Pinewood Fire District is pleased to announce that it was the recipient of a 2015 Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Grant that provided $10,780 in funding for the purchase of a Portable Light Tower. This equipment will provide safety lighting on incident scenes.

Currently, whenever accidents occur at night, firefighters light the scene with headlights or lights carried on the fire engine. However, many incidents the District responds to involve vehicles that have landed far from the roadway or rolled down embankments where headlights can seldom be positioned to provide proper illumination. To safely and efficiently operate at a crash scene, a much wider beam is needed to light unseen or unknown risks.

The light tower will solve this problem as each of its four light fixtures can be aimed independently to light the entire area.  With increased lighting, emergency personnel will be more visible to approaching motorists, decreasing the possibility of a secondary accident. It can also be used to light helicopter landing zones and mass casualty treatment areas.

Through the use of this equipment, we will ensure a higher level of safety to our firefighters and other responders during emergency events.