Reserve Program

The Pinewood Fire Department reserve program was created in October of 2008.  The purpose of this program is to supplement staffing with additional certified personnel.  Our reserves are required to have a state EMT certification as well as being Fire Fighter I&II certified.

Currently, the Pinewood Fire Department employees six reserves.  Being assigned to a shift which is on a six day rotation,  each reserve works 12 hours if that shift lands on a weekday and 24 hours if the shift lands on a weekend.  They are utilized just like a full time fire fighter and their pay reflects that.  The hourly rate for a Pinewood Fire Reserve is the same as a step one fire fighter on our pay scale. Additional benefits offered to the reserves include tuition reimbursement, uniform allowance, dental and ten thousand dollars in life insurance.

The reserve program is a valuable resources for the Pinewood Fire Department.  It allows us to provide a higher level of service which is our primary goal.  If you are interested in becoming a reserve with the Pinewood Fire Department, please see the job opportunities on this website or contact Captain Josh Tope at (928) 286-9885