Mapping Division

The Pinewood Fire Department Mapping Division has been progressively changing over the past few years. Behind the scenes the Pinewood Fire Department has assisted homeowners, commercial occupancies, utility companies, insurance companies and Coconino County GIS with the many related duties that better assist, and improve the Pinewood community.

The Mapping Division has implemented an electronic database through the GIS system in our primary response, introduced the Knox-Box program to our community owners (residential and commercial), and implemented a standard on house numbers and property application shortening our emergency response times. The Division has recently initiated an electronic reporting database that allows us to track developing response trends and community needs, which will assist us in developing strategic plans to better meet the challenges of the future, while utilizing our resources in a cost efficient manner.

In 2011, the Pinewood Fire Department underwent a community wide address change that affected majority of the residents and some commercial businesses. With the assistance of the Pinewood Fire Department, the Coconino County GIS Department was able to make this change for our property owners and ensure our rapid response to 911 emergencies.

The Mapping Division would like to thank all the various organizations within the Pinewood community, and the many community members that have assisted us in these various tasks and duties, allowing us to better serve this community!