Special Operations

Division Manager; Casey Welsch

My section covers technical rope rescue, vehicle extrication, search & rescue, ice & still water rescue and HazMat. In all of these aspects I am responsible for budget, research on new equipment & classes, scheduling classes & trainings, training, maintain equipment in an always ready condition, assisting in  grant information, and purchasing,

Some of the projects that have been developed are:

  • Rope rescue; purchased several life rescue ropes, harnesses, helmets & hardware to perform a safe and successful rescue. We have one person on each shift attending technical ropes class every year.
  • Vehicle extrication; purchased air chisel, with air hose real on E-81.  Added additional TeleCrib stabilization accessories, and through grant money from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety,  we have upgraded our ambulance's capabilities by equipping them with Hurst combination rescue tools, battery powered reciprocating saws & Hurst stabilization quick-struts.  Every year we send at least three Firefighters to extrication class to become certified extrication techs.
  • Search & rescue; purchased thermal imaging camera, we have two packs with essentials for search & an emergency overnight stay. We have GPS’s with topo maps of Arizona down loaded into them.
  • Ice & still water rescue; we have a rubber raft, dry suits & throw rope. Purchased rescue life vests, helmets, pro throw rope & an ice rescue suit.
  • HazMat; purchased two gas meters & calorimetric tube pump, Chief Welsch has donated two chemical suits for first response. We have been doing mutual aid training with the sanitary district due to their chlorine & other water treating chemicals.
  • Rescue trailer; the trailer was purchased with a grant from Firemen’s Fund Insurance. The trailer was custom built to house our Polaris Ranger with shelving in the front for the rescue gear.

We look forward to constantly improving & growing our abilities to provide professional services to our community.