Health and Safety

My name is Dominic Garcia. I'm the Manager for the Health and Safety Section.  I operate as a liasion for the Pinewood Fire Department working with Phoenix Fire Department Health Center staff performing and scheduling physicals.  We are now in our second year for our annual medical physicals being performed at Phoenix Fire Department. I scheduled fifteen fulltime members for annual medical physicals as well as their bloodwork.  I also scheduled three Bear Jaw members as well as six reserves and lastly six volunteers. I planned and scheduled a remodel of Pinewood Country Club gym this winter with the help of all our fulltime firefighters,  and reserves. I've also worked with the department members individually to become more health conscious both physically and mentally.  With the aid of several members we held a "Biggest Loser" contest to motivate individuals to exercise and lose unwanted pounds. As a department we lost over one hundred pounds!  I budgeted,  purchased and set up a commercial treadmill for the fire station with help from all members.  My future goals are to have three fulltime personnel trained to assist the department with all their personal training needs.  I would also like to continue to update department equipment needs in the future.  As you can see I would not be able to complete any tasks required of me in my section without the help of a lot of the other staff members.  I work with SCF of Arizona to keep our workers compensation claims to a minimum by training and prevention.